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TONIGHT on Mountain Talk: Eastern Ky.’s Economic Future

TONIGHT on Mountain Talk: Eastern Ky.’s Economic Future

Tune in on Wednesday April 10 at 6 PM to hear a Mountain Talk conversation about the economic future of Eastern Kentucky.  On this show we’ll be hearing from local leaders working to generate new jobs and new opportunities for our region, as well as from special guests from across the nation.  Community development leaders from the Pacific Northwest and the New England fishing industry will be calling in to discuss the work happening in these areas towards economic transition.

This show is happening just over a week before Appalachia’s Bright Future Conference (April 19-21), a three-day gathering in Harlan that will feature information on the changing economy, lessons from other regions that have gone through transition, and examples of entrepreneurs and communities working for the future.  For more information on the event, visit the conference website.

We hope you’ll join us for a lively conversation about the opportunities and challenges we face in our state and region as folks work together to build the next economy here in eastern Kentucky.  The program will be heard at 88.7 FM on your radio dial or streaming online at


One Response to “TONIGHT on Mountain Talk: Eastern Ky.’s Economic Future”

  1. What is the next big thing that will move the world economy from coal to solar?

    There are 1.5 billion people living in tiny rural farms, who own cell phones, so they can sell their eggs & vegetables, but they have no place to charge the battery.

    To charge their cell phone, they have to walk 5 miles to a store & pay to charge their cell. Their homes have no electricity, but they have a cell phone. That may sound funny, but that is how fast cell phones are selling. This is now called the IT revolution: information technology. It is inevitable that this economic wave will eliminate oil and give us the freedom of the solar economy.

    Safe, clean, quiet, decentralized, free roof top solar energy.

    Many millions of these people are now buying solar panels so they can charge their phones, for free, from the sun. Last year these 1.5 billion people, living in India, Africa, Brazil & China spent $4 billion for solar panels. Often one person will buy one solar panel and so be able to charge everyones phone in the village from the sun. This cash flow pays for the solar panel. Then she buys another solar panel. Maybe 10. S

    uddenly this small farming village is now 100% solar powered. World wide, there are 1 billion people now buying solar panels just to charge their cell phones, just because they live so far from the nearest grid. They are spending $4 billion for solar.

    The cost of a solar panel in India is about the same as the cost of a cell phone. That is $4 billion the coal companies were trying to snag. That is $4 billion going to make each village 100% solar powered. This explosive growth of these billion people in rural areas buying cell phones to sell their products in the market is causing a shift from coal, gas & oil to 100% solar.


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