Underwrite with WMMT!

“We enjoy many of the programs.  We especially like not having to listen to never-ending commercials.  Our favorite show is done by Roy Tackett, and his eclectic blend of music is a rare treat.”  -Blackey, KY

Underwriting with WMMT – an effective, unique way to reach your target audience

Hello from all of us here at WMMT 88.7, Mountain Community Radio (Hello!).  As you may or may not know, WMMT is a public, community station, which means that we rely on the support of both our generous, loyal, fantastic listeners as well as businesses and organizations that choose to underwrite with us.  If you’re new to underwriting, it’s a unique, effective way to invest in your organization (and it also happens to support the best little radio station in the whole wide world): a short message describing your organization is regularly read aloud and on-air, either during our programming throughout the week or during a specific show or music genre of your choosing.

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While commercial radio ads sometimes feel they need to scream to get your attention, WMMT works less like a megaphone and more like a neighbor spreading the word about your business. Listeners hear about your organization from real people. We broadcast from a 15,000-watt tower atop Pine Mountain, with translators in 8 cities across southeast Kentucky and southwest Virginia, and we are one of the top 10 most listened to stations in the tri-state region.  In fact, a 2008 survey found nearly 2/3 of folks sampled (at Hillbilly Days, Home Craft Days, then-Pikeville College, and from other spots around the region) identified themselves as WMMT listeners.  Taken in tandem with our broadcast range and our 24/7 online stream, that’s a bunch of neighbors to reach.

In addition, WMMT, as a non-profit community station, boasts some of the most loyal listeners in the area.  Listener contributions make up a significant portion of our budget, and a team of almost 50 volunteers helps keep us afloat. Those good vibes our supporters feel toward WMMT will fall squarely upon your business or organization through your underwriting.

“Your programming is what radio OUGHT to be.  When I turn it on, I hear a SHOW, not a consultant’s list.  Do I necessarily love every show?  Of course not.  Would I fight to keep every one on the air?  You bet. . . You provide a tremendous service to the community, and you can all be proud of yourselves.  WMMT is, truly, the Best Radio Station in the World.”  –Pounding Mill, VA

Additionally, all underwriting packages come with a presence on WMMT’s website, both permanently on our underwriters page, and in our rotating “featured underwriter” box which changes every time a site user clicks on a new page.  As of right now, WMMT is averaging upwards of 2,600 page views per week. . . that’s a bunch more neighbors to reach!

For more information on underwriting, please feel free to contact us at (606) 633-0108 or email our development associate, Téa Wimer: [email protected] 

We’d love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Also, feel free to send us an old-fashioned letter, or to drop in and see us at the Appalshop, at 91 Madison Ave., Whitesburg, KY 41858.

“Thanks for the best little radio station in the world.”  –Manchester, KY


“Of all the radio stations

that you can listen to

there’s only one I can vouch for

that will surely satisfy you.

No matter what your music choice

One thing I’ll guarantee. . .

You’re sure to find it every day

on WMMT!”

Elkhorn City, KY