Mtn Talk Monday: Germany & Appalachia

On July 18th, WMMT and Appalshop hosted a roundtable discussion called Germany & Appalachia: Perspectives on Economic Transition in Coal Communities. For our Mountain Talk, we’ve got a recording of the discussion for you. Germany is well-known for its historical reliance on coal mining and recent transition to other energy sources, such as renewable energy. […]

MN&WR: Hazard, Kentucky – Boom or Bust?

Hazard, Kentucky: Boom or Bust? Take an in depth look at community efforts to revitalize downtown Hazard with WMMT’s Kelli Haywood. An entire half hour devoted to the voices of Hazard sharing their dreams, disappointments, bumps in the road, and successes as they try to rebuild a livable community through food, arts, culture, and more. […]

MN&WR: What Working People Want

Reporter Kelli Haywood visits the small community of Hemphill, Kentucky to learn how volunteers are turning a circa 1943 elementary school into a happening place to be on Friday nights. Jeff Young of the Ohio Valley ReSource interviews authors J.D. Vance and Nancy Isenberg on their respective works on the issues facing the white working […]

MN&WR: The Assets We Have

Mary Gail Adams tells the story of her mother and the Hound Dog Hookers, a group of wool rug makers in Blackey, Kentucky established in the 1960s as part of Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty effort. The Administrator of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration, Jay Williams, speaks on the correlation between […]

MN&WR: Opinions, Plans, & Actions

The Farmacy program began through community partnerships in Whitesburg, Kentucky is becoming a national model for the betterment of rural health as linked to economic transition.  WMMT’s Kelli Haywood and Mimi Pickering went to see what all the buzz is about. The Appalachian Media Institiute’s Summer Documentary Cohort of 2016 talks about the decision to […]