Mtn. Talk: Agriculture as Economic Development

In this episode we bring you three stories focusing on people who believe in the possibilities of agriculture to become part of the solution to the coal economy’s decline in Central Appalachia.  While each of these stories shares that common belief, ideas about how that will happen, and at what scale, vary widely.

Mtn. News: Reflections

This week we bring you multiple pieces with a theme of reflecting on the past. First, we hear from current & past members of the Stay Together Appalachian Youth Project – a Central Appalachian regional youth organization celebrating its 10th anniversary this year – about their Annual Appalachian Love Week, February 12-18, 2018. Then, we bring you a series of four pieces from the Ohio Valley Resource – which focus on Trump’s first year.

Mtn. Talk: KY Power’s Proposed Rate Increases Mobilize SE Kentuckians

This week on Mtn. Talk we bring you voices of concerned residents of southeastern Kentucky speaking out against Kentucky Power’s proposed double-digit rate increase. In June of this year Kentucky Power filed a request to the Public Service Commission for a 16.8% increase, which would mean an increase of about 80 cents a day, or […]

Mtn. Talk: Kenaf – A New Appalachian Fiber

Today on Mountain Talk, we’ll learn all about Kenaf: a fiber producing plant native to Asia which grows well in Kentucky – and can be used to make a variety of products including rope, twine, paper, cardboard, and more! This episode of Mountain Talk comes from Sam Hamlin – an Appalachian Transition Fellow with the […]

Mtn Talk Monday: Germany & Appalachia

On July 18th, WMMT and Appalshop hosted a roundtable discussion called Germany & Appalachia: Perspectives on Economic Transition in Coal Communities. For our Mountain Talk, we’ve got a recording of the discussion for you. Germany is well-known for its historical reliance on coal mining and recent transition to other energy sources, such as renewable energy. […]

MN&WR: July News Roundup

This episode features a July news roundup of some of the top stories from the Ohio Valley ReSource and the Public News Service. Listen to hear about pesticides and bees, water quality in the Ohio Valley, the energy sector’s switch from coal to natural gas and what that means for the environment, and more.   […]