Mtn. News: ARC, Health, & What’s Next?

In this episode, we’ll hear recent news from the Ohio Valley ReSource on the new Appalachian Regional Commission appointment, and an outbreak of Hepatitis A in the region. Then, we hear audio from a 2017 ARC health roundtable presentation about “diseases of despair” in the mountains. Finally we learn about the “What’s Next EKY?” gathering in Hindman, KY last week.

Mtn. Talk: Agriculture as Economic Development

In this episode we bring you three stories focusing on people who believe in the possibilities of agriculture to become part of the solution to the coal economy’s decline in Central Appalachia.  While each of these stories shares that common belief, ideas about how that will happen, and at what scale, vary widely.

Mtn. News: Local Happenings, National News

It’s been a big week in KY, from right here in Letcher County all the way to Frankfort– stories happening in our communities have been making waves & getting national attention. From the teachers rally in Frankfort on April 2nd to local efforts to feed students while teachers strike. From the U.S. Bureau of Prison’s record of decision signaling plans to move forward with construction of a Federal Prison in Letcher County, and more!

Mtn. News: Recent News and Remembrance

In this episode we remember tragic news from our region’s past, and we explore current news about public health crises in our mountains, and of new economic development projects. We remember the Buffalo Creek Disaster which took place February 26, 1972. Then we hear 3 current stories about the Black Lung Epidemic, a new data analysis system being used to address the Opioid Epidemic, and a new restaurant & hotel increasing tourism in St. Paul, VA.

Mtn. News: Reflections

This week we bring you multiple pieces with a theme of reflecting on the past. First, we hear from current & past members of the Stay Together Appalachian Youth Project – a Central Appalachian regional youth organization celebrating its 10th anniversary this year – about their Annual Appalachian Love Week, February 12-18, 2018. Then, we bring you a series of four pieces from the Ohio Valley Resource – which focus on Trump’s first year.