Mtn. News: Recent News and Remembrance

In this episode we remember tragic news from our region’s past, and we explore current news about public health crises in our mountains, and of new economic development projects. We remember the Buffalo Creek Disaster which took place February 26, 1972. Then we hear 3 current stories about the Black Lung Epidemic, a new data analysis system being used to address the Opioid Epidemic, and a new restaurant & hotel increasing tourism in St. Paul, VA.

Mtn. News: Reflections

This week we bring you multiple pieces with a theme of reflecting on the past. First, we hear from current & past members of the Stay Together Appalachian Youth Project – a Central Appalachian regional youth organization celebrating its 10th anniversary this year – about their Annual Appalachian Love Week, February 12-18, 2018. Then, we bring you a series of four pieces from the Ohio Valley Resource – which focus on Trump’s first year.

Mtn. Talk: Who Owns Appalachia – Then & Now

It’s been over 25 years since the Appalachian Land Ownership report was published, and there’s now a growing effort to conduct another study to explore current land ownership realities in Central Appalachia. This episode explores the history of the original study, released in 1981, and the current work to launch a new land study.

MT. Talk: From Social Haunting to Community Healing

In this episode of WMMT’s Mountain Talk we explore the idea of social haunting, or how the troubles of the past might be playing a role in community problems of today. Join us as we explore how complicated histories of formerly industrial communities in Northern England and Central Appalachia affect the struggles we face in the present.

Mtn. Talk: How Black Lung Looks From Here

  This week on Mountain Talk we explore how black lung looks from right here in Eastern Kentucky. Benny Becker of the Ohio Valley Resource and WMMT brings us 3 pieces. The first is Fighting For Breath where Dr. James Brandon Crum diagnoses a man with black lung. Dr. Crum lives in Pike County and […]

Mtn Talk Monday: Germany & Appalachia

On July 18th, WMMT and Appalshop hosted a roundtable discussion called Germany & Appalachia: Perspectives on Economic Transition in Coal Communities. For our Mountain Talk, we’ve got a recording of the discussion for you. Germany is well-known for its historical reliance on coal mining and recent transition to other energy sources, such as renewable energy. […]