Mtn. Talk: How Black Lung Looks From Here

  This week on Mountain Talk we explore how black lung looks from right here in Eastern Kentucky. Benny Becker of the Ohio Valley Resource and WMMT brings us 3 pieces. The first is Fighting For Breath where Dr. James Brandon Crum diagnoses a man with black lung. Dr. Crum lives in Pike County and […]

Mtn Talk Monday: Germany & Appalachia

On July 18th, WMMT and Appalshop hosted a roundtable discussion called Germany & Appalachia: Perspectives on Economic Transition in Coal Communities. For our Mountain Talk, we’ve got a recording of the discussion for you. Germany is well-known for its historical reliance on coal mining and recent transition to other energy sources, such as renewable energy. […]

MN&WR: July News Roundup

This episode features a July news roundup of some of the top stories from the Ohio Valley ReSource and the Public News Service. Listen to hear about pesticides and bees, water quality in the Ohio Valley, the energy sector’s switch from coal to natural gas and what that means for the environment, and more.   […]

Mtn. Talk Monday: Black Lung Diagnosis and Healthcare Benefits

In this episode, Dr. Edward Lee Petsonk, a professor of Medicine specializing in Pulmonary and Critical Care at West Virginia University and former leader of the NIOSH Black Lung Program, speaks on the proper diagnosis of black lung disease and navigating applying for related health benefits. In the second half, we revisit the award winning […]

MN&WR: Education and the Opioid Crisis

The extent of the opioid crisis in Central Appalachia is not a secret. It has been covered extensively by national media in terms of statistics and the degree to which pharmaceutical companies are to blame. However, the solutions to the problem springing up within the communities themselves, and the current ramifications of having lost a […]

MN&WR: Silver Buckshot

In this special edition episode, Mountain News & World Report takes a look at some of the pieces of the “silver buckshot” theory of economic diversification for coalfields Appalachia, trying all the ideas to see which ones work. Some of the most tangible ideas are farming, tourism, reclamation, and cultural arts. Join us for a […]