MN&WR: Ohio Valley ReSource and Regional Journalism


This is an episode dedicated to the Ohio Valley ReSource, a regional news collaborative of seven radio stations across three states. WMMT is one of those stations, and our reporter Benny Becker represents eastern Kentucky in the OVR.

Benny Becker has the story of the troubled past of water quality in Martin County, Kentucky […]

Coal Report for February 15, 2017


The Kentucky government’s Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee met Friday afternoon to consider the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet’s proposal for new regulatory changes on how utilities store and dispose of coal ash from coal fired power plants. Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration suggested changes that would eliminate the state’s public permitting process for […]

MN&WR: Hazard, Kentucky – Boom or Bust?

Photos by Kelli Hansel Haywood ~top l to r and bottom l to r ~ 1. The Grand Hotel  2. Main Street  3. Samantha Haynes and 3 month old Aurora  4. InVision Hazard Mural

Hazard, Kentucky: Boom or Bust? Take an in depth look at community efforts to revitalize downtown Hazard with WMMT’s Kelli Haywood. An entire half hour devoted to the voices of Hazard sharing their dreams, disappointments, bumps in the road, and successes as they try to rebuild a livable community through food, arts, culture, and […]

Coal Report for February 1, 2017


On January 26th the first coal mining related death in the United States of 2017 happened in a small underground mine near Pikeville, Kentucky. 42 year old Ray Hatfield Jr. of Hi Hat was killed while working on a conveyor belt in the R&C Coal LLC Mine No. 2. Hatfield had 23 years […]

Coal Report for January 25, 2017

Image courtesy of alex_ugalek at

Image courtesy of alex_ugalek at

January 9th, the Kentucky Coal Association President Tyler White announced the association is lending its support to Kentucky H.B. 165. Kentucky’s newly GOP majority in both houses of congress is taking advantage of the opportunity of a Republican governor and president to put forward a bill trying […]

Coal Report for January 18, 2017

By Office of U.S. Senator Deb Fischer -, Public Domain,

By Office of U.S. Senator Deb Fischer –, Public Domain,

Wilbur Ross made his billions from bankruptcies. He scooped up troubled steel and coal companies with an eye to resell them later at a profit. One acquisition included a mine that had terrible safety record: Sago, in West Virginia. Soon after the […]