Mtn. Talk: Game Changer

This episode of Mountain Talk comes to us from Michael and Carrie Kline and Talking Across the Lines. This hour long radio documentary “Game Changer: Football as a Catalyst for Peaceful School Integration” draws on over 40 life story interviews with people in Mount Hope, WV about the role football played in the 1956 integration of the schools in this mining community.

Mtn. Talk: Derek Akal’s Struggle to Stay

Continuing our month-long series celebrating Black histories, current realities, and futures in the Appalachian region and beyond – we bring you the story of Derek Akal – a 22-year-old African-American athlete struggling to stay in Lynch, KY where he was raised. WMMT’s Benny Becker followed Akal for a four part series which originally aired on West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s Inside Appalachia. This episode also features a 2016 interview with sociologist Karida Brown – Akal’s cousin and the Director of the Eastern Kentucky African American Migration Project.

Mtn. News: Reflections

This week we bring you multiple pieces with a theme of reflecting on the past. First, we hear from current & past members of the Stay Together Appalachian Youth Project – a Central Appalachian regional youth organization celebrating its 10th anniversary this year – about their Annual Appalachian Love Week, February 12-18, 2018. Then, we bring you a series of four pieces from the Ohio Valley Resource – which focus on Trump’s first year.

Mtn. Talk: Appalachian African American Cultural Center

In the first of our month-long series of Mountain Talks celebrating Black histories and futures in the region and beyond we explore the Appalachian African-American Cultural Center. Founder and Director Ron Carson led WMMT’s Benny Becker on a tour of the Center in 2016. And, we hear a piece from the archive, produced for WMMT in 1992 by Maxine Kenny – which focuses on the life and music of Ron Carson’s grandfather: Spike Carson.

Mtn. Talk: Who Owns Appalachia – Then & Now

It’s been over 25 years since the Appalachian Land Ownership report was published, and there’s now a growing effort to conduct another study to explore current land ownership realities in Central Appalachia. This episode explores the history of the original study, released in 1981, and the current work to launch a new land study.

Mtn. Talk: Mountain Women

This week’s program features voices of resilient women in eastern KY. First, we’ll hear speeches and poetry from the 2018 Women’s March in Pikeville. Then, we’ll travel back in time with a story from our archives based on the 1991 Appalshop Documentary “Fast Food Women” directed by Anne Lewis. And last, we’ll hear two Letcher Countians sharing stories about inspiring Appalachian women in their families and communities, recorded by Kelli Haywood in 2016.