WMMT Program Schedule

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5 a.m.The Hoot OwlAppalachian Mornings with Gentle BenAppalachian Mornings with Gentle BenAppalachian Mornings with Gentle BenAppalachian Mornings with Gentle BenAppalachian Mornings with Gentle BenThe Hoot Owl
7Good Morning Gospel with Gentle Ben7:30 - 8am: The Rolling Firestones Bluegrass Show (historic recordings, aired weekly)
8Pine Mountain Mornings with Kenny BPine Mountain Mornings with DJ ArmadillaPine Mountain Mornings with BiscuitsPine Mountain Mornings--Easy Street: It's More than a Couch with Hoot & CarolinePine Mountain Mornings: Feminist Fridays Edition with DJ TWeekend Wakeup with Old Red, Barefoot Nellie, & Jukebox Charlie
10Orchard BranchPossum Opry with the Blue WarblerThe Kentucky Roads Bluegrass Show with Tim Baker & Jerry ClarkBluegrass Patches with Barefoot Nellie & Jukebox CharlieFirst Generation Bluegrass with Old RedRuthless Radio with Steve Ruth
Mountain News & World ReportHistory Alive!
11Inside AppalachiaAcross The Blue Ridge with Paul Brown
12 p.m.Music City RootsFrom the Roots w/ a rotating cast of The Blue Warbler, Matt, & more!
1Magic Mix with Hemp HillbillyBluegrass Country with Andy ShepherdDeep In Tradition with Rich KirbySweet Tater's Tubers with Sweet TaterThe Big Al Bluegrass Show with Al WeekleyStay Human Radio with Scott Lucero
2The Dog House with Blue Dog
3Ridin' Around Listenin' to the Radio
Bound To Have A Little Fun
4Destiny's Road with Little WillardAppalachian Attitude with Wiley Q.The Engine Room with Matthew CarterHonky Tonk Jukebox with Izzy LizzyShock Radio with Electric Bill
5Hillbilly Nation with John Cunniff
6Mountain TalkInside Appalachia-1st Wed. of the Month: Breaking Beans / 8 Piece Box
-2nd: Shew Buddy
-3rd: Art Matters
-4th: The Knott Downtown Radio Hour
Mountain News & World ReportHistory Alive!
Kid's Radio
7The Rock ShowHot 88.7 - Hip Hop from the Hilltop with DJs Amelia, Izzy Lizzy, Jewelz, & RakimThe Great Big Radio Show> with AaronPiece of the Rock with Otis RayThe Basement with Rance GarrisonBluegrass Express with Angie & WillardBen's Rock Extravaganza with Ben Gish
8Back Porch Jams with Tristin Cunniff
9Calls From HomeKill Your Radio with Ned, Forrest, & Pat
10Whirled Beet with DJ Sun EagleRediscovering the 20th Century with Robert ScottThe Witching Hour with DJ Rare Breed
11The Hoot Owl
12 a.m.The Hoot OwlThe Hoot OwlThe Other People with Ryan ParkerThe Spectrum with William S. TribellThe Hoot Owl
1The Hoot OwlThe Hoot Owl
2The Hoot Owl

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