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Mtn. Talk: Remembering Jim Webb

Mtn. Talk: Remembering Jim Webb


 This episode is a special one for all of us at WMMT and Appalshop, and for so many of our listeners.  It’s an hour jam-packed with memories of the one and only Jim Webb.  Jim, also known as Wiley Quixote, was the eccentric and punny heart of this radio station since WMMT first took to the airwaves in 1985. He was a long time staff member, in many roles at the station, and hosted his weekly Wednesday show “Riding Around Listening to the Radio” from December 1985 until the fall of 2018.  Jim was also a poet, an artist, a community organizer and a dearly beloved character, from his home in Letcher County to parts all over this big old w-h-i-r-l-e-d.

Jim passed on October 22, 2018 at his home, Wiley’s Last Resort, on top of Pine Mountain. On this show some of his many friends and family share a few of their favorite memories of the unforgettable Wiley Q.  We’ll hear from Jim’s brother Robb Webb, and friends: Parker Hobson, Judi Jennings, Scott Goebel, Pam Oldfield Meade, Greg Wagner, Robert Gipe, Tanya Turner, and Gurney Norman.

Get ready to shed a few tears, and also to laugh, which is probably how Jim would want to be remembered.


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