Mountain Talk

Recording Black History in Eastern Kentucky (with Dr. William Turner)

November 15, 2021

In the 1920s, Harlan County, Kentucky was a thriving center of Black life. The good and the bad often came together. In this episode, we listen to the dedication of a new roadside memorial to Leonard Woods, a Black man from Jenkins, Kentucky who was lynched in Pound, Virginia. Reverend Steve Peake of Fleming-Neon, Kentucky […]

Mtn. Talk: Economic Transition in the Navajo Nation

October 18, 2021

WMMT celebrates Indigenous Peoples' Day by speaking with Carol Davis, coordinator of Dine Citizens Against Ruining Our Environment, or DINE CARE.

Mtn. Talk: 100 Years in Struggle: Blair Mountain, the UMWA, and Labor in Today’s Appalachia

September 24, 2021

This Mountain Talk segment takes you to the Blair Mountain Centennial - the hundredth anniversary of the largest labor uprising in US history - to hear from the labor movement about how this history has inspired them, and what it means today.

Mtn: Talk: Appalachian Artists Talk Mutual Aid

August 26, 2021

On the latest episode of Mountain Talk, travel with us to Grayson, Kentucky for Eastern Kentucky Mutual Aid's first benefit show - and a meditation with regional artists and activists on making joy out of hard times, building trust between neighbors, and helping others out when you don't have much yourself.

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