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Mtn. News: Environmental & Economic Pressures

January 24, 2020

In this episode we explore environmental & economic pressures in the region, and we learn about pre-diabetes and diabetes prevention. From the Ohio Valley Resource we learn about new communities where toxic fluorinated chemicals have been found in the water, how crashing hemp prices have some farmers worried, and about challenges faced by some rural groceries in coal communities. Then, we'll hear about prediabetes and diabetes prevention & economic development efforts in Pound, VA.

Mtn. News: Finding Solutions to Economic & Health Challenges

January 23, 2020

In this episode we bring you stories about economic development initiatives in Harlan County, Kentucky and Pound, Virginia. And, from the Ohio Valley Resource we’ll learn about innovative approaches to addressing the addiction crisis in our region.

Mtn. Talk: A Philosophy of Care with Sister Bernie Kenny & Tauna Gulley

January 14, 2020

In this episode we hear from Sister Bernie Kenny & Nurse Tauna Gulley about the book they co-wrote.  It’s called "Better for Being With You: A Philosophy of Care" and it describes the life events of sister Bernie Kenny - who has worked as a nurse in Ireland, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Oakland, California before settling in Clinchco, Virginia forty years ago.

Mtn. Talk: The Food We Eat, The Stories We Tell

January 2, 2020

Blue Ridge tacos, kimchi with soup beans & cornbread, African American mountain gardens—these are a few of the stories readers find in a new anthology: “The Food We Eat, The Stories We Tell: Contemporary Appalachian Tables." Editors Elizabeth Engelhardt & Lora Smith joined WMMT's Rachel Garringer by phone to talk about the project’s history and scope. Plus, we’ll hear contributors Annette Saunooke Clapsaddle, Courtney Balestier, Emily Hilliard, & Robert Gipe reading excerpts from their chapters.

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