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from a recent MN & WR feature on MACED’s home energy audit program


Mountain News and World Report is WMMT’s half-hour public affairs program,  produced every other week by our Public Affairs Director, Kelli Haywood.  The program focuses upon the people, music, culture, and issues that make up contemporary life in Central Appalachia, featuring stories from folks you may or may not know, items of interest to us all, and shining moments in our living history.  Join us for these stories every other Thursday at 6 p.m., every other Sunday at 10:30 a.m., or at any time of day in our online streaming archives.


Making Connections is a project for sharing news, stories, and information highlighting opportunities and challenges for building a healthy future for Appalachia’s people and the land.  In a time of economic uncertainty & transition in our region, Making Connections features the stories of people, organizations and businesses that are leading the way forward and providing examples of new economic opportunities.  The stories, information, ideas, and opinions presented are intended to foster further conversations and spur action on these important issues.  These stories air regularly on WMMT’s Mountain News & World Report, and a rich archive can be streamed at any time of day at


A weekly roundup of news from the coal industry that aims to inform our listeners both of what’s happening here in central Appalachia as well as developments in the “bigger picture” of the coal industry as a whole.


Fractured Appalachia is a series of radio broadcasts, public forums, and an online resource developed to inform residents on issues surrounding the increasing presence of oil and natural gas extraction in Central Appalachia.  Central to the project is the hour-long radio documentary feature “Fractured Appalachia,” produced by WMMT’s own Jonathan Hootman and Rich Kirby.  The documentary, also available as seven shorter features, delves into many issues surrounding gas drilling in our region, including geology, dealing with land agents, securing legal representation, the environmental effects of “fracking,” and its impact on our local economy.  Stream or download the hour-long feature or all seven episodes at, a website that also features many further resources for learning about gas drilling in Appalachia.


The result of a recent partnership between WMMT, Appalshop’s Appalachian Media Institute (AMI) and the National Center for Media Engagement, American Graduate saw local middle and high school students learning radio production and producing features for WMMT on issues relating to dropping out of high school.  Stream or download their work here, where you can also hear them interviewed on WMMT’s Mountain Talk.  For more on AMI, click here.

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