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Mtn. Talk Monday: Black Lung Diagnosis and Healthcare Benefits

July 3, 2017

In this episode, Dr. Edward Lee Petsonk, a professor of Medicine specializing in Pulmonary and Critical Care at West Virginia University and former leader of the NIOSH Black Lung Program, speaks on the proper diagnosis of black lung disease and navigating applying for related health benefits. In the second half, we revisit the award winning […]

MN&WR: Education and the Opioid Crisis

June 30, 2017

The extent of the opioid crisis in Central Appalachia is not a secret. It has been covered extensively by national media in terms of statistics and the degree to which pharmaceutical companies are to blame. However, the solutions to the problem springing up within the communities themselves, and the current ramifications of having lost a […]

MN&WR: Struggling to Stay

June 23, 2017

This episode looks deeper into the struggle that many Appalachian people experience with wanting to remain in the place they came from to live, work, and raise their families. With fewer economic opportunities, many are choosing to leave the region they call home simply to find work. Yet, there’s always the pull to face the […]

Mtn. Talk Monday: Whitesburg Dowtown Revitalization and Reinvestment

June 13, 2017

In this episode, five University of Virginia students in the Master’s of Urban and Environmental Planning program report on their assessment of the existing conditions within a roughly one-mile corridor within downtown Whitesburg, Kentucky. The assessment lays out a foundation for Whitesburg to participate in the Environmental Law Institute’s BRIGHT program. The students inventory assets […]

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