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Mtn Talk: Trailer Park Evictions Spur Protest

Mtn Talk: Trailer Park Evictions Spur Protest




In this episode WMMT’s Katie Myers speaks with residents of the North Fork Mobile Home Park in Morehead, Kentucky.

These residents formed a campaign called Justice 4 North Fork after a Lexington developer purchased their land for use as a strip mall, leaving the roughly eighty North Fork families facing eviction, even as rent continues to rise. Demands from the campaign included financial support for moving costs and assurance that affordable housing would become a funding priority for the city of Morehead. In this episode you’ll hear residents Mindy Davenport, Penny Gozzard, Shayna Plank, Randi Harper, Sue Hamilton, and others as they progress through their campaign against the eviction.  First, we take you to Penny’s home, where she, Randi, and Mindy explain the situation.  Next, eleven-year-old Shayne leads a rally to City Hall where her mother, Sue, is introducing the campaign’s demands.  Next, we follow up with Mindy’s search for a home, and finally, we return to the residents’ weekly meeting, where they gather up and sing a song.

Featured in this episode is a rendition of We Shall Not Be Moved, sung by Mavis Staples. This episode was recorded, mixed, and produced by Katie Myers.


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