Mtn. Talk Monday: Talking Appalachian with Amy Clark

Language shapes our world, and defines our identities. In this edition of Mountain Talk, host Benny Becker dives into the stories and identities of Appalachian dialect with Professor Amy Clark, who is a Sociolinguist, the co-chair of the UVa-Wise Appalachian Studies Program, and the co-editor of a new book, Talking Appalachian. She tells the story of how Appalachian dialects came to be, shares her personal journey of learning to embrace her voice, and offers advice for anyone who worries about their accent.

publicity red sweater talking appalachian

Mountain Talk is WMMT’s twice-weekly community space for conversation, airing each Monday & Wednesday from 6-7 p.m.  Mountain Talk programs focus on a variety of topics related to life in the mountains, including: food, community issues, art, health, and more.  Click here to hear past programs.


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