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Mtn. Talk: Southern Appalachian Writers Cooperative

Mtn. Talk: Southern Appalachian Writers Cooperative

In this episode we bring you an hour of history and poetry from the Southern Appalachian Writers Cooperative also know as SAWC!

Illustration by Robert Gipe.


Formed in 1974 out of a gathering at the Highlander Center, SAWC aims to support Appalachian writers in their efforts to take control of a regional identity, and to take action on issues impacting mountain land and people. Each year members of SAWC travel to Whitesburg from near and far, to read poems as a part of Appalshop’s annual Seedtime on the Cumberland Festival.

WMMT’s Rachel Garringer sat down with a handful of SAWC members at this year’s festival to learn more about their personal and collective writing histories, and to hear some great poems!



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