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Mtn. Talk: Robertson Scholars in EKY

Mtn. Talk: Robertson Scholars in EKY

2018 Robertson Scholars in Whitesburg, KY
This episode of Mountain Talk features interviews with Robertson Scholars who have worked in Whitesburg, KY over the years. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program supports students at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill & Duke University in developing leadership skills and thriving during college.
The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program invests in young leaders who strive to make transformational contributions to society. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program’s investment begins with the selection of a diverse community of undergraduate students who demonstrate extraordinary potential. They then provide these young leaders with exceptional benefits and a distinctive set of shared experiences:
  • Four-year scholarship, including undergraduate tuition, mandatory fees, room and board
  • Unique access to the academic and extracurricular offerings at both Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Three summers of domestic and international experiences
  • Customized leadership and professional development opportunities
  • Extensive community of Robertson Scholars, alumni, and staff

During this journey, Robertson Scholars learn to create change, foster collaboration, turn their passions into action, and have a palpable impact in their communities. The experience of being a Robertson Scholar helps students become thoughtful, creative, lifelong contributors to society – the kind of citizens and leaders prepared to meet the unprecedented challenges of our interdependent world.

Since the early 2000’s students from all over the country (and world!) have lived and worked in Whitesburg each summer. 2018 Scholar, Mikey Muller, interviewed past scholars about their experiences visiting Appalachia for the first time, and learning from our people, our cultures, and our work.

2018 Robertson Scholar Mikey Muller at WMMT.






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