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Mtn. Talk Monday: Photographer Wendy Ewald

Mtn. Talk Monday: Photographer Wendy Ewald

Host Kelli Haywood and special guest host Kate Fowler speak with award winning photographer Wendy Ewald. Ewald visited Letcher Co., Kentucky in the late 1970s and worked with youth to document life as they saw it. The work became the book Portraits & Dreams. The methods she developed in Appalachia she took around the world. In this episode of Mountain Talk Monday, Ewald and hosts discuss a variety of topics including how Ewald and her students made the photos, who can tell the story of a place… who has the right, and what is similar across cultures when we view them through the eyes of children.

Kate Fowler & Wendy Ewald Photo by Kelli Haywood
Kate Fowler & Wendy Ewald
Photo by Kelli Haywood

Mountain Talk is WMMT’s twice-weekly community space for conversation, airing each Monday & Wednesday from 6-7 p.m.  Mountain Talk programs focus on a variety of topics related to life in the mountains, including: food, community issues, art, health, and more.  Click here to hear past programs.


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