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Mtn. Talk Monday: Art in Isolation – Native American and Appalachian

Mtn. Talk Monday: Art in Isolation – Native American and Appalachian

Art from cultures not included in mainstream America– Zuni Pueblo, Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, Coeburn VA– have more in common than one might think.
Why do humans create art and why is it important to all our lives? This is just one question that is addressed in this Mountain Talk discussion of art and creativity, as we seek to take back the narrative of our lives in the places we live! Host Kelli Haywood, Kelsie Makae Hale, Ron Short, and Edward Wemytewa converse on the importance of art in representing ourselves and our culture.

For more information on the exhibit visit the What About Us? Facebook Event.






Mountain Talk is WMMT’s twice-weekly community space for conversation, airing each Monday & Wednesday from 6-7 p.m.  Mountain Talk programs focus on a variety of topics related to life in the mountains, including: food, community issues, art, health, and more.  Click here to hear past programs.

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