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Mtn. Talk: Gabrielle Chapman & the CARE Coalition

Mtn. Talk: Gabrielle Chapman & the CARE Coalition


Gabrielle Chapman, Director of Charleston, WV based Call to Action for Racial Equality. Photo courtesy of Chapman.

In this episode, we continue our month-long series celebrating Black histories, current realities, and futures in the mountains and beyond.  Gabrielle Chapman joined us by phone to talk about her work with the Charleston, WV based CARE Coalition – CARE stands for Call to Action for Racial Equality.  Chapman is the 25-year-old Executive Director of this new state-wide coalition, and she talks about what calls her to racial justice work, and her visions for the CARE Coalition.


2017 Black Lives Matter Rally at the Charleston, WV State Capitol. Photo courtesy Gabrielle Chapman.

We end this episode with an excerpt of a live discussion between legendary activist Angela Davis and anti-racist author Tim Wise.  Chapman mentions Angela Davis as one of her heroes. The excerpt comes from the Making Contact Radio Program.  Angela Davis is an activist, author, and thinker who has been organizing in radical social justice movements since the 1960s.  Tim Wise is the author of the book “White Like Me:  Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son.”  Their full conversation, moderated by Rose Aguilar, originally aired on Making Contact, and you can find it on their website.

Angela Davis, 1969. Photo Courtesy Getty Images.

Music on this program comes from the June Appal compilations albums featuring music from Appalshop’s annual Seedtime on the Cumberland Festival.  First we hear the Chattanooga Choochoo and Crow Jane by Etta Baker.  Etta Baker was a blues guitar player and singer born in Caldwell County, NC in 1913. Her family moved to Charlotte County, VA in 1916. The last song on this program is “Listen to the Lambs” by Ethel Caffie Austin – who has been called WV’s First Lady of Gospel Music.  She teaches music in West Virginia.








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