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Mtn. Talk: Celebrating Appalshop’s 50th – Part Two

Mtn. Talk: Celebrating Appalshop’s 50th – Part Two


In this episode, we’re celebrating Appalshop’s 50th birthday! Appalshop started in Fall of 1969 here in Whitesburg, KY as a media training program for local teenagers. Starting by producing short videos about Appalachia, those young people, their mentors, and creative people near and far grew Appalshop into a multimedia arts & culture center collectively producing the largest body of work about Appalachia. This Mountain Talk is the second in an Appalshop at 50 series that features some of those early voices, lets us hear from current Appalshop artists, and highlights our 50th celebrations all over the country through 2020.

In this episode, hosted by Tanya Turner, we talk about amping up Appalshop’s 50th Anniversary celebrations across the northeast.  First, we’ll hear from Eli Smith, who is coordinating the Brooklyn Folk Festival, spotlighting June Appal artists and Appalshop films this April 5-7, 2019.  Then, we hear from Caron Atlas, who spent 10 years at Appalshop and now organizes Arts & Democracy work in New York, and hosted an Appalshop house party in NYC this spring. Lastly, Appalshop Executive Director Alex Gibson shares stories about how he returned home to east Kentucky through Appalshop after traveling the world in college, as well as his upcoming presentations at NYU and Harvard.

Music on this episode features June Appal artists performing at the Brooklyn Folk Festival April 5th -7th.  Our into music is The Local Honeys with Freight Train Blues, then John Harrod with Owl Hoot, and Nate Polly with Lost in the Kudzu.

You can find out more about our 50th celebrations at and on our social media pages @Appalshop.




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