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Mtn. Talk – Appalshop’s Turning 50! Let the Celebrations Begin!

Mtn. Talk – Appalshop’s Turning 50! Let the Celebrations Begin!

Appalshop turns 50 years old in the fall and in celebration we are hosting events across the country throughout 2019!  In this episode we talk about the beginnings of Appalshop’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, starting in our home state. As Appalshop celebrates 50 years of art & media making across the country through 2020, we’re getting an early start in our biggest Kentucky cities.

Tanya Turner hosts this episode in which she interviews Eastern Kentucky musician Brett Ratliff about the Lexington Old Time Gathering taking place February 7-10, 2019 at the 21c Hotel & Museum. Appalshop will be celebrated during the festival.

Filmmaker Mimi Pickering, of Appalshop’s founding generation, shares some about the early years and current work of Appalshop, as well as her most recent film Anne Braden: Southern Patriot screening in March at The Speed Cinema, in Louisville.

Finally, the Founding Speed Cinema Curator, Dean Otto will tell us about the Appalshop at 50 Speed Cinema Series bringing Appalshop Films to Kentucky’s largest art museum every month in 2019.

Thank you for listening to this episode of Mtn. Talk, and for being part of Appalshop’s 50th Anniversary. Keep following our 50th celebrations and contribute to our campaign at and on our social media pages @Appalshop.

Music on this episode features Brett Ratliff with a tune called “Gettin’ Wild Again” from his 2008 album Cold Icy Mountain, from Appalshop’s own June Appal Recordings. This episode was produced by Rachel Garringer.




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