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Mtn. News: Stay Fabulous and Other Stories

Mtn. News: Stay Fabulous and Other Stories


A free concert as part of the 2018 Levitt Amp series in downtown Whitesburg, 2018.


In this episode we bring you recent news from the Ohio Valley Resource, an exploration into some curious billboards scattered around eastern Kentucky, some youth produced audio from the Appalachian Media Institute Library, and a story about this year’s free Levitt Amp concert series!

First, from WMMT and Ohio Valley Resource reporter Sydney Boles – we’ll learn about connections between an Ashland, Kentucky based company Braidy Industries and a sanctioned Russian supplier Rusal.  Then, from OVR Reporter Becca Schimel, the U.S. Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the coal companies owned by Jim Justice. 

On a less serious note, Sydney Boles brings us a fun exploration into some curious new sights in our area. If you’ve been driving around eastern Kentucky in the past several months you might have noticed some seemingly random, seemingly inspirational billboards. Sydney helps crack the mystery about where they came from and why they’re here.

From the Appalachian Media Institute‘s archives an evergreen piece, produced in 2007, in which a young person explores issues of transnational migration through the lens of his own process of imagining migrating out of the region in search of a better life. Last in this episode of Mtn. News, Mimi Pickering brings us a short piece about the 2019 Levitt Amp Music Series, which brings free live music to downtown Whitesburg every Thursday evening from May 30, 2019 – August 8, 2019.

 Music on this episode features Carla Gover with a tune called Sweet Fern off of her June Appal Recording Hush, My Restless Soul.




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