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Mtn. News: Protecting Our Water, Health, & History

Mtn. News: Protecting Our Water, Health, & History


In this episode, we hear stories about the importance of clean water, a Letcher County walking program in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market that may help prevent Type 2 Diabetes, and in honor of Women’s History Month, from the Appalshop Archive we bring you audio from a Headwater’s episode circa 1980 featuring The Reel World String Band – an all women band.

First from the Ohio Valley Resource, Benny Becker brings us a story from McDowell County, WV about water pollution so bad some residents see it as the cause of death for members of their community.  Residents believe the water was polluted by runoff from local mine sites.

Animation by Ariana Martinez for the Ohio Valley Resource.

Then, as part of an ongoing WMMT series sharing local stories about prediabetes & preventing type 2, Parker Hobson brings us a story about a walking program that coincides with the Letcher County Farmers Market – and which could help people in the fight to slow or prevent diabetes.

Last in this episode, in honor of Women’s History Month, we dug into the Appalshop Archive to bring you some audio from around 1980. Headwaters was the public television program of Appalshop that started broadcasting around 1980. We’ll hear an excerpt from an episode featuring The Reel World String Band – an all women’s band based at that time around Lexington.  We’ll hear them play a couple tunes, and then, Jack Wright interviews them about their music, touring, and careers.  To learn more about Headwaters Television, or the Appalshop Archive you can visit

Music on this episode features The Local Honeys with a tune called “High on a Mountain.” That song is off of their album The Gospel, which was released by Appalshop’s own June Appal Recordings in 2019.




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