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Mtn. News: Local Happenings, National News

Mtn. News: Local Happenings, National News


  It’s been a big week in Kentucky, from right here in Letcher County all the way to Frankfort– stories happening in our communities have been making waves and getting national attention.  In this episode of Mountain News we hear from teachers and community members right here in Letcher County, KY who stepped in to make sure students were fed even though schools were closed while Kentucky Teachers flooded the State House Monday April 2nd – protesting a bill that significantly cuts their pension.  WMMT’s Rachel Garringer interviewed community volunteers at the Hemphill Community Center on April 2nd who prepared and delivered free meals to students while schools were closed for the protests.

Volunteers at the Hemphill Community Center in Letcher County, KY prepared and delivered meals to local students Monday April 2nd, while KY Teachers rallied in Frankfort in opposition to a bill that cuts their pension benefits.


In the remainder of this episode we bring you three stories from the Ohio Valley Resource.  Teachers and public employees aren’t the only Kentucky workers trying to figure out how to respond to new laws passed in Kentucky’s state house. Amid a historic surge in black lung cases in Appalachia, Kentucky lawmakers approved sweeping changes to the state workers compensation programs in late March – including changes that will likely make it harder for miners disabled by black lung disease to get medical benefits from their employers.  Benny Becker covers the story.


Then, we hear a third story (also from Benny Becker!) that’s gotten interest across the country, centering on a piece of land right here in Letcher County.  The US Bureau of Prisons issued a record of decision, signaling that they are moving ahead with plans to build a Federal Prison on a former strip mine near Roxana. Local opponents of the prison and their national allies say they’re considering suing to prevent the construction of a new prison. 

And finally: as national conversations rage around gun control, the Ohio Valley Resource spoke with students in the region about their views in advance of the March For Our Lives rally that took place on March 24, 2018.  While the march is now over, these students thoughts on guns and safety in their schools are as relevant this month as last.


 Music on this episode is from the June Appal recording of Si Kahn with a tune called Talking Politician!



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