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Mtn. News: Health, Education, & the Economy

Mtn. News: Health, Education, & the Economy


In this episode we bring you stories – past and present – on health, the economy and education in the mountains.We begin with four pieces from the Ohio Valley Resource and end with the fourth in a six-part-series from Michael and Carrie Kline with Talking Across the Lines, LLC.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or NAS, is the result of severe in-utero drug exposure. It has hit the Ohio Valley hard with more than 16,000 babies affected over the past five years in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. Ohio Valley Resource reporter Aaron Payne brings us a story  on experts studying long term effects of opioid use on prenatal exposure. Then from OVR reporter Mary Meehan, we’ll hear a story about a Mt. Sterling, KY vaccination company likely responsible for infections throughout the Ohio Valley.

From WMMT’s own Sydney Boles, the next story in this episode of Mountain News finds links between Pike County, KY  and the murder of prominent journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia last fall.  Then, OVR’s Liam Neimeyer brings us a piece exploring how the 2018 Farm Bill –  which left hemp off the list of controlled substances – might affect Ohio Valley Growers.

We wrap up this episode of Mountain News with the fourth in a six-part series from Michael and Carrie Kline exploring race and class in Mt. Hope WV.  In this segment Willie Ben Pritchett, an honors student, football and track star, and glee club member, discusses the educational obstacles faced by Black students at Mt. Hope High School at the time of his graduation in 1964.

Music on this episode featured Earl Gilmore with “It is No Secret” off the albume “From the Depths of My Soul” which was recorded by Appalshop’s own JuneAppal Recordings.



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