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Mtn. News: Environmental & Economic Pressures

Mtn. News: Environmental & Economic Pressures


photo by Liam Neimeyer

In this episode we’re exploring environmental and economic pressures in the region, as well as learning about pre-diabetes and diabetes prevention.

We start this episode out with three stories from the Ohio Valley Resource. First, Brittany Patterson reports how new testing by the Environmental Working Group has identified the presence of toxic fluorinated chemicals, broadly known as PFAS, in the tap water of dozens of cities across the U.S. where contamination was not previously known.

Then, from Liam Neimeyer we learn how hemp prices recent crash – by over 75% in just 6 months –  has many Ohio Valley farmers feeling uncertain about the future. And from WMMT’s own Sydney Boles we bring you a look into how some grocery stores in rural Appalachia are struggling to remain open as the industry declines.

As part of an ongoing WMMT series featuring local voices reflecting on prediabetes & preventing type 2 diabetes, Parker Hobson interviewed Letcher County, Kentucky’s own Willa Johnson. 

And last in this week’s show we bring you the second segment in a series on economic development in Pound, Virginia. Sydney Boles speaks with Margaret Sturgill of the PoundHistorical Society. Margaret shares the history of Pound, and how the community is coming together to build a new and exciting tourism economy. 

Music in Parker Hobson’s piece about pre-diabetes & Type 2 diabetes prevention features “Good Dog, Josie” and “Beware the Lone Star Tick” by Don Bikoff, both from the Free Music Archive. Music in the host segments of this  episode features Jean Ritchie with a tune called “Stream of Time” from her album Sweet Rivers. That album was released by Appalshop’s own June Appal recordings in 1981.  

This episode was hosted and produced by Rachel Garringer.


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