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Mtn. News: Collaboration & Connection in eKY and Beyond

Mtn. News: Collaboration & Connection in eKY and Beyond

Peni Candra Rini performing part of the Mosaic Interactive Project’s piece entitled “Dreams.”

In this episode we’re talking about artistic collaborations, as well as the various ways people come to experience the unique culture of southeastern Kentucky.  Whitesburg has hosted artists from all over the country and all over the world this month, and as more and more visitors come to eastern Kentucky, some Knott Countians are developing a visitors center and regional tourism website to welcome folks to our mountains and help them plan their visits.

First, we’ll hear sounds from earlier this March when when eastern Kentucky became the temporary home to a group of musicians, photographers, sound producers, and artists from across the country, and across the world. They were here on tour with the Mosaic Interactive project, a new initiative of the Brooklyn, NY based non-profit Found Sound Nation.  Found Sound Nation uses music-making to connect people across cultural divides, and the Mosaic Interactive Project brings together musicians from Muslim majority countries with musicians from After a week at the Pine Mountain Settlement School, they settled into Appalshop’s Boone Building where they worked day and night to develop an interdisciplinary cross-cultural performance that premiers at the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN from March 21st through March 23d, 2019.

Members of the Carr Creek Community Center launching the new regional tourism website:

Then, we visit the Carr Creek Community Center in the old Carr Creek High School, for a recent press conference announcing the launch of a regional tourism initiative and visitors center. We’ll hear members of the Community Center talking about plans to turn the old high-school into a museum and hotel, and the countdown and launch of a new website:

And last, we bring you a brief interview with Natalia Zuluaga, the Great Meadows Foundation’s 2019 Critic in Residence.  Zuluaga will spend two months in Kentucky researching arts in the commonwealth, and as part of her fellowship she visited Appalshop to learn more about the organization’s history.

The music you hear at the beginning of this show featured: Kyla Rose Smith, Ali Tekbash, Gideon Crevoshay, and Eva Salina.  The song you hear at the end of the show is a lullaby performed by Zafer Tawil. All songs were recorded live in the WMMT Studios during the Mosaic Interactive’s visit to Whitesburg in early March 2019.






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