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MT. Talk: From Social Haunting to Community Healing

MT. Talk: From Social Haunting to Community Healing



In this episode of WMMT’s Mountain Talk we explore the idea of social haunting, or how the troubles of the past might be playing a role in community problems of today. We hear from Dr. Geoff Bright who is leading a participatory research project based around the theory of social haunting in formerly industrialized areas in the north of England, and Max Munday shares his documentary, Songlines and Social Haunting, which further details the project’s arts-based process used in “Ghost Labs” in former coal mining communities. Lastly, we are joined by Dr. Wayne Coombs, recently retired as director of the West Virginia Prevention Resource Center, who speaks about the role that social haunting or historical trauma may be playing in the growing substance abuse crisis in central Appalachia. Take a listen and tell us what you think about this concept of “social haunting.” You can send your comments to [email protected] with “Social Haunting” in the subject line and we will share them as part of an international conversation with Max Munday and colleagues in Manchester, U.K.





appalachian history,
coal industry,
drug epidemic,
economic transition,
Social Haunting,

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