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Mountain Talk: The Benefits of Cleaner Waterways

Mountain Talk: The Benefits of Cleaner Waterways

MT Talk – Water Issues 12-2-13

a boater on the North Fork of the Kentucky River near Whitesburg in Letcher County, Ky. // photo by Tarence Ray, courtesy of Headwaters, Inc. (more at

Central Appalachia’s watersheds face a wide variety of serious challenges to their health, including sedimentation, heavy metal contamination, stormwater runoff, and high levels of human waste in streams.  In this edition of WMMT’s Mountain Talk, we welcome a panel of local guests to discuss the potential benefits, both human and economic, that could spring from making these waterways healthier.  Tarence Ray of Headwaters, Inc., Wally Smith of UVA-Wise and the Clinch River Valley Initiative, and Jenny Williams of Pathfinders of Perry County all join us  for a discussion of some of these potential benefits (including boating-related tourism, as in the photo above) and how our communities might be able to achieve them.

This discussion was made possible through Penn State Public Media’s Water Blues: Green Solutions project, specifically the “Think Outside the Pipes” reporting initiative.  To hear previous podcasts of WMMT’s Mountain Talk, check out our streaming archives.


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