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Mountain Talk: Remembering Buffalo Creek, 42 Years Later

Mountain Talk: Remembering Buffalo Creek, 42 Years Later

2-26-14 Mountain Talk – Buffalo Creek Flood

Drawing made by a child survivor of the Buffalo Creek Flood

Wednesday, February 26th marks the 42nd anniversary of the catastrophic Buffalo Creek Flood, which killed 125 people and left some 4,000 more homeless when a coal waste dam burst in Logan County, West Virginia.  This edition of Mountain Talk, hosted by Appalshop filmmaker Mimi Pickering, is a rebroadcast of a special program we produced on the 40th anniversary in 2012, in which we commemorate the disaster with audio from the 1975 Appalshop film “The Buffalo Creek Flood: An Act of Man.”  Also in this program, we hear from two special guests: Jack Spadaro, who was hired as part of the state’s investigative team following the flood and then worked as a inspector for OSM and MSHA, and Shaunna Scott, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Graduate Studies at UK, who has been researching the impact of the Martin County, KY sludge spill and emergency planning responses in the aftermath of the spill.

For more information on Buffalo Creek:


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