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Mountain Talk Audio: Appalachia Funders Network

Mountain Talk Audio: Appalachia Funders Network

2013-03-13 Appalachia Funders Network

In this edition of WMMT’s Mountain Talk, we hear about the efforts of the Appalachia Funders Network, a group of public and private grant-makers committed to speeding the development of a diversified Appalachian economy that is based on assets within the region.  Our guests in this program include:

  • Ray Daffner, Entrepreneurship Initiative Manager at the Appalachian Regional Commission, who speaks about why the Network is looking at entrepreneurial-based local and regional efforts as the path to diversifying the Appalachian economy, and some of the exciting partnerships that are coming out of this collaboration;
  • Sandra Mikush, Deputy Director of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, who joins us to discuss the goals of the Appalachian Funders Network and Startup Appalachia, a new effort linking public and private partners to increase support for the growth of entrepreneurial enterprises in the region; and
  • Gerry Roll, Executive Director of the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky, who joins us to talk about efforts underway throughout the region to tap local wealth for long-term reinvestment in our communities.

This edition of Mountain Talk is part of Making Connections: Diversifying Our Future, a storybank for sharing news, ideas, and information for building a healthy future in Appalachia. Making Connections is made possible by the Blue Moon fund, the Open Society Foundation, the Media Democracy Fund, WMMT listeners, and Appalshop.


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