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More Than Mail – Rural Postal Service Threatened

More Than Mail – Rural Postal Service Threatened

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BURDINE, KY. - Burdine resident Blake White outside his post office, one of nine in Letcher County under review for possible closure

Over the past year, the postal service has been considering various plans to reduce their operating budget by approximately 3 billion dollars to avoid bankruptcy.   Plans have included closing as many as 3,700 hundred post offices, including 9 here in Letcher County, Ky., and 252 mail processing centers nationwide.  But on Tuesday, December 13, the postal service announced a five month moratorium on the closings of all post offices and mail processing facilities. While the future remains uncertain for the post offices that were on the list to close, many are hoping that this moratorium will give Congress enough time to pass reforms that will save the U.S. postal service from having to make such drastic cuts.  On behalf of WMMT and the Making Connections project, Sylvia Ryerson, with Mimi Pickering, has this story.

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