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MN&WR: Who Owns Our Future?

MN&WR: Who Owns Our Future?

  • With lack in both county and state budgets, cutbacks, and the closing of the Letcher Co. Senior Citizens Centers, reporter Benny Becker explores the question: Are budget shortages the way we care for our elders?
  • Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky’s visit to Hazard, February 12th.  Did he give hope to a region in crisis?

In this episode of Mountain News & World Report, we go a little deeper with two very important news stories that point to the fact that our way of life in the Kentucky mountains is changing drastically and it all boils down to money, or the lack thereof.  We begin this broadcast with a story from WMMT reporter Benny Becker.  He looks at how the current state of the economy is affecting the senior citizens of Letcher County, Kentucky.  Shrinking income from coal severance taxes have led to budget shortages, and just recently, that led to a big reduction in services for seniors when all of the senior citizens centers across the county closed doors and the Meals on Wheels program discontinued. For us here at WMMT, that raised a question–  Are we letting the economy change how we take care of our elders?

And finally, Kelli Haywood reports on the February 12th visit of Governor Matt Bevin to Hazard where he addressed the concerns of economy that we are facing in coalfields Kentucky.  Bevin addressed a substantial crowd at Hazard Community and Technical College, but did he bring along any hope?  What could our future look like in these mountains and in Kentucky in general?  Bevin speaks to the decline in coal production, education, technology, prisons, and the strength of will among eastern Kentuckians.

Mountain News & World Report is a bi-weekly production of WMMT, and new episodes air every other Thursday at 6pm on WMMT, with a repeat broadcast the following Sunday morning at 10:30.  To listen to previous episodes, check out our streaming archives.


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