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Mtn. News: What’s Next?

Mtn. News: What’s Next?

This week’s program brings together stories that question what comes next for our region.  As coal jobs decline throughout Central Appalachia – communities, scientists, and schools work to develop innovative approaches to economic transition.  

First, we’ll hear a story from the Ohio Valley Resource about the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative’s work to provide relevant, effective education in uncertain economic times.

Then, we’ll hear an excerpt from an interview with Dr. Jeremy Richardson from the Got Science Podcast.  Richardson is a senior energy analyst in the Climate and Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists – and he speaks about his research on economic diversification in the West Virginia coal fields.

And finally we bring you an interview with Brett Ratliff and Abby Huggins at the Hindman Settlement School about the upcoming 3rd annual Dumplins and Dancin’ event- a weekend celebration of the rich food and traditional dance communities in our mountains.


The engineering team, with teacher Kelsey Tackett, at South Floyd Middle School (photo by Benny Becker).


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