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MN&WR: The Good Fight

MN&WR: The Good Fight

  • WMMT reporter Kelli Haywood explores the impact that the region’s opioid addiction problems are having on our ability to transition the economy now and the ramifications for the future. 
  • Aaron Payne, from the Ohio Valley ReSource, gives the latest update on CARA (Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act).
  • In celebration of what would have been the 92nd birthday of Kentucky Civil Rights activist, Anne Braden, filmmaker and reporter Mimi Pickering shares stories of Braden’s early work and experiences from the film she made along with Anne Lewis – Anne Braden: Southern Patriot.
MN&WR 7-28


Life can be seen as a constant fight.  In 1 Timothy 6:12 of the Bible, the apostle Paul writes in a letter to his friend – Fight the good fight of faith.  While all of us struggle at times, there are others of use who choose to fight the good fight in other ways, in ways that allows us to put our faith in what is good for our neighbors and our world.  In this episode of Mountain News & World Report, we’re lifting up stories of the good fight and the people in the midst of the fight they’ve chosen for themselves.

The first segment of this edition highlights the reality that the region’s problems with opioid drug addiction is having on our economy.  WMMT’s Kelli Haywood talks with several government officials on the state and national level, a manager of a local retail business, and a family doctor (internist) on what effects the issue is having on our workforce now and the possible problems we’ll face in the future if we don’t begin tackling the issue now.  The Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, gives his thoughts on the issue and the solutions he feels will be viable for the region.  Special thanks to Rich Kirby, for his help with this segment.  Next, you’ll hear a short update from Aaron Payne, of the Ohio Valley ReSource, on the passing of CARA (Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act) that many are hoping will fund the solutions to the rural drug problem.

To end this episode, filmmaker and reporter Mimi Pickering shares a segment of the film she made with Anne Lewis about Kentucky Civil Right activist, Anne Braden, on her early experiences and work.  July 28th marked what would have been her 92nd birthday.  Dedicated to the cause of racial equality, Braden worked during a time when the tensions were high, but also a time when women such as herself weren’t typically on the front lines of activism.  You can view Anne Braden: Southern Patriot for FREE on the Appalshop website –  Watch and be inspired.

If we have faith in our communities ability to withstand hardships, fighting the good fight to ensure they come out stronger than before is a worthy effort.  We hope you are motivated by what you hear in this episode to take up your own good fight.

Mountain News & World Report is a bi-weekly production of WMMT, and new episodes air every other Thursday at 6pm on WMMT, with a repeat broadcast the following Sunday morning at 10:30.  To listen to previous episodes, check out our streaming archives.

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