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Local History & Regional News

Local History & Regional News

In this episode we’re exploring local history and regional news.  

First, it wasn’t long ago that most small towns had their own bottling plants for making pop. Whitesburg was no exception. Until around the year 2000, Whitesburg had its own RC Cola Bottling plant. But what was unusual was that RC Cola plant’s marketing strategy. WMMT’s Sydney Boles brings us the story of all those big signs for RC Cola you see all over town, with some help from Appalshop’s resident historian Herby Smith.  This is a story some of our listeners will surely know well, and one that newer and younger residents probably won’t.


An article about the Hound Dog Hookers from Blackey, KY. 1956.


Then, we continue to look back at Letcher County history through a 2016 interview with Mary Gale Adams. She’s the daughter of Josephine Whitaker who was one of the Hounddog Hookers – a group of women from Blackey, KY who made hand-stiched rugs featuring houndogs and other animals in the 1950s and 60s. The Houndog Hookers became nationally known – so much so, that Lady Bird Johnson commissioned two rugs that were in the White House when Lyndon B. Johnson was president!  WMMT’s Mimi Pickering produced this story in 2016.


A rug made by the Hound Dog Hookers from Blackey, KY. Photo by Mimi Pickering in 2016.


Last in this episode of Mountain News we bring you recent regional news from the Ohio Valley Resource.  First, Aaron Payne reports on a new study from the Washington Post that found synthetic fentanyl is causing a rise in opioid overdose deaths in the Ohio Valley, and then Mary Meehan reports on a Louisville Treatment Facility that was recently certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

 Music on this episode features Ginny Hawker and Kay Justice with “Dark and Stormy” from their album Come All You Tenderhearted, produced by Appalshop’s own June Appal Recordings.

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