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Mtn. Talk: How Black Lung Looks From Here

Mtn. Talk: How Black Lung Looks From Here


This week on Mountain Talk we explore how black lung looks from right here in Eastern Kentucky. Benny Becker of the Ohio Valley Resource and WMMT brings us 3 pieces. The first is Fighting For Breath where Dr. James Brandon Crum diagnoses a man with black lung. Dr. Crum lives in Pike County and is responsible for getting the Federal Government to begin an investigation into the black lung epidemic in the mountains.


The second piece is a recording of Dr. Crum’s August 2017 presentation to the Southeast Kentucky Black Lung Association in Whitesburg. The third is an update about the Federal Investigation into the black lung epidemic. And last, but certainly not least, we listen to the audio from a short documentary, “Dying Breed” produced during the summer of 2017 by youth at Appalshop’s Appalachian Media Institute. We hope you enjoy!

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black lung,
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