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Art Matters: Mikie Burke & Russell Wright “Griswald” with Adrian Wright

Art Matters: Mikie Burke & Russell Wright “Griswald” with Adrian Wright

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In continuation of his interviews with artists that he feels influenced by, host John Haywood decided to focus this show on young artists who have come to him for instruction.  In turn, his art has been influenced by watching them grow, and learn.  Haywood’s guests for this episode are Mikie Burke and Russell Wright “Griswald both artists, musicians and Letcher County natives.  The trio discuss the importance of passing art down and how it can help us deal with the changing economy, emotions, etc… Mikie talks about the new drop-in center at the old Boone Motor Building for youth ages 14-22, and an upcoming art auction.  Russ then speaks about a motivational talk he will be giving at the drop-in center next week.

The guys talk about being from the hills and getting into urban things like rock-n-roll, skateboarding and more.  And as a Halloween special guest, they get Louisville artist and tattooer Adrian Wright on the phone to discuss art shows in haunted houses and the folk art in passing down the tradition of tattooing.  Adrian also offers his encouragement to other artists. 

By Adrian Wright
By Adrian Wright













WMMT’s Art Matters is a monthly, visual-art-centered talk show.  It airs live on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m., and during each program, your host interviews local artists of all shapes and stripes.  For more, “like” the show on facebook, or click here to listen to past episodes.

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