Welcome to the archive, a new, growing collection of special programming from throughout WMMT’s illustrious and diverse 26+ year history.  Keep checking back, as we hope to add new (old) pieces periodically for free streaming and downloading, and if you have a favorite from over the years that you’d like to see in this space, let us know!  (P.S. for recent installments of current WMMT programs, mouse over “shows” on the menu above and select which program [i.e. The Coal Report, Mountain News & World Report, What’s Cookin’ Now!, etc.] you’d like to hear!)


A WMMT radio series celebrating traditional music found in recordings from the Appalachian Sound Archive of Berea College.  This archive is home to a treasure of non-commercial sound and video recordings that document Appalachian history and culture.  This radio series was produced in 2009 by Suzanne Savell and Rich Kirby. Our deep appreciation to the Hutchins Library at Berea for their cooperation in this work.

Installment No. 1Lily May Ledford

This show explores the early career of Kentucky’s own “banjo-picking girl,” Lily May Ledford.  A pioneering woman of country music, Lily May grew up in the Red River Gorge section of Powell County in the mountains of eastern Kentucky.  At the age of seventeen, she met a radio producer and talent scout named John Lair, who launched her into a three-decade career as leader of the Coon Creek Girls, the first commercially-successful all-female string band.


In this six-part radio series for WMMT, producer and fellow diabetic Pam Shingler discusses a variety of approaches to coping with diabetes in Central Appalachia. The series, Living with a Killer, features testimonies of diabetic patients living full, productive lives despite their illness. Living with a Killer is a part of the health programming broadcast on WMMT. To hear more health-related features, tune in to Health Matters airing once a month on WMMT.

Part I – What’s Happening?

The first segment of the series explores the differences between the two types of diabetes, how exactly diabetes affects the body, some known causes and symptoms experienced at the onset of the illness.

Part II – What’s Going to Happen?

What can happen to you if you don’t control your diabetes? This episode focuses on what can happen if diabetes isn’t controlled.

Part III – How can I begin to be in control

Managing diabetes is a choice- you either manage it, or it manages you. This episode explores the beginning of treatment, methods for monitoring progress and medications necessary for managing diabetes.

Part IV – What’s food got to do with it?

One of the best treatments for diabetes is maintaining a healthy diet. This episode explains how a healthy diet can be an integral aid in the successful management of a life with diabetes.

Part V – What’s exercise got to do with it

Part five of the series explores the benefit of exercise in leading a long, full life with diabetes and suggests some fun ways to be active without having to hit the gym.

Part VI – What do I tell the doc?

An important element of managing diabetes is establishing a comfortable relationship between patient and doctor. This segment provides some advice about communicating with doctors and healthcare providers.


…more archive material to come!

7 comments to Archive

  • I like what you are doing. Keep up the good work, keep me informed.
    Sam Dean

  • Mike Roberts

    I love it, Your friday and saturday programing gives me something to look forward to all week long, Wish I could tune on raido but it’s a long way from Minneapolis Mn.

  • billy ray

    I want to make a contribution to your station, I heard a song today
    Sept 1 2012 around 3 PM that had an upbeat bluegrass sound, The lryics had Wood and Stone , House and Home and Family tree, Could you send me some info on this song and how I can contribute to WMMT ,, Thanks Billy Ray

  • I am trying to find an interview that my dad did with the radio station around 1990/1991? Can you help me? Dennis Breeding, he played with the Marion Sumner band. thanks.

    • wmmt

      Hi Genie,

      Well, we’ve asked around, and thus far haven’t been able to come up with any ideas… that’s a long ways back. Was the interview done live on-air, or was it part of something else (e.g. a documentary or something)? If it was part of another production, there might be a chance something’s laying around here somewhere, but if it was just an interview live, on-air then I’m not sure we’d have much luck! If you’ve got any more info, though, we’re happy to keep trying.

      All best,

      Parker, WMMT

  • Diana Stinson

    I was listening to your radio station yesterday evening, April 15, and heard the Ben’s Rock Extravaganza with Ben Gish. There were several songs I really enjoyed listening too, especially one about, “because of a song” or something like that. The lyrics were really good. I cannot find the play list or song log, so would you mind sharing it with me. Your time is appreciated.

    Thank you,

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