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Appalachian Love Stories, Episode 2: Joe Tolbert

Appalachian Love Stories, Episode 2: Joe Tolbert


Joe Tolbert is a native of Knoxville, TN, and is the Lead Digital Storyteller at the Carpetbag Theater in Knoxville.  In this episode of Appalachian Love Stories, WMMT’s Rance Garrison speaks with Joe about race, spirituality, Joe’s experience in Knoxville as an urban Appalachian, and why he has decided to make his home in the region.

Appalachian Love Stories is a series of audio portraits co-produced by WMMT & the STAY Project.  STAY stands for ‘Stay Together Appalachian Youth,’ and is an organization of youth, ages 14-30, from throughout Central Appalachia who are all working toward stronger local communities and bringing about positive change in the region.  This series profiles some of those young people, in their own words, with a special emphasis on low-income youth, youth of color, and the LGBT community.  To hear more episodes, click here.