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Mtn. News: Miners Protest, Kentucky Printmaking, & International Cat Day

Mtn. News: Miners Protest, Kentucky Printmaking, & International Cat Day

In this episode we bring you interviews from the Blackjewel Miners Blockade, an interview with Kentucky artists Ken Swinson & Lacy Hale, and a story about…CATS!

Beginning on Monday July 29th laid-off miners, their families, and supporters, began blocking a coal train on the tracks outside Cumberland, KY.  Miners blocked the train demanding their bounced paychecks be paid by their now-bankrupt former employer Blackjewel. The situation has been changing rapidly, but the protest, which has lasted for over a week, is significant for mining communities across Central Appalachia. 

Miners blocking the train tracks. Cumberland, KY. August 2019. Photo by Sydney Boles.

WMMT’s Sydney Boles spent time at the blockade, and we bring you interviews with Curtis Cress – a laid-off miner who Sydney spoke with on Thursday July 1st.  As well as Felicia Cress, Curtis’s wife who Sydney also spoke with on Monday July 29th, the first day of the Blockade


Then, WMMT’s Rachel Garringer spoke with Kentucky Artists Ken Swinson and Lacy Hale about Ken’s exhibition of prints showing in the Appalshop theater from July through August, 2019.  And the collaborative ArtZine making workshop taking place at Appalshop on August 22nd, 2019.


Ken Swinson’s prints on display in the Appalshop gallery. July 2019.

Last, after  a devastating week of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, we wanted to bring some levity to the show by  showing appreciation for the cat-lovers in our listening audience. August 8th is International Cat Day and so, from producer Aaron Henkin we bring you “CAT SHOW”:  an afternoon spent wandering the aisles of the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s Exotic Cat Show in Baltimore County. This story aired originally during a local arts & culture special on WYPR, in Baltimore, MD in 2004.

This show was produced and hosted by Rachel Garringer. Music features Rich Kirby and Michael Kline with a tune called “Coal Train Song” from their JuneAppal record, They Can’t Put It Back.








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