Kid’s Radio-Mtns -Middle East-Rebecca McClain Hodges-6-28 & 7-1-2012

Randy Wilson, host and producer of Kid’s Radio introduces Rebecca McClain Hodges to our audience. Rebecca is with the McClain Family and performed at the recent Family Folk Week at Hindman Settlement School.

Kid’s Radio

Kid’s Radio-Salad Greens-6-3- & 6-7-12

Producer and host of Kid’s Radio celebrates spring gardens.

Kid’s Radio

Kid’s Radio-Songs-Lewis and Clark-5-13 & 5-17-2012

Randy Wilson brings you another great Kid’s Radio.

Kid’s Radio

Kid’s Radio-Hong Shao-5-6 & 5-10-2912

Randy Wilson, host and producer of Kid’s Radio shares another great one.

Kid’s Radio

Kid’s Radio-Velma Louvins-5-1-11

From the Archives, Randy Wilson brings another Kid’s Radio our way.

Kid’s Radio

Kid’s Radio-Caves-4-14-11

Cave expert leads us and host, Randy Wilson on a tour.