Kid’s Radio: Maya Angelou

2014-05-29 Kids Radio – Maya Angelou

Kid’s Radio presents a program featuring the story of Maya Angelou, including readings of her poems and stories.

Kid’s Radio: Poetry and Jazz

2014-05-08 Kids Radio – Poetry and Jazz

Kid’s Radio features young jazz musicians from around North Carolina this program also includes lyrics from Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen.

Kid’s Radio: Frontier Immigration

2014-04-04 Kids Radio – Frontier Immigration

From the Hindman Settlement School, Kid’s Radio presents a program that discusses immigration, focusing on the colonial era and how natives felt about people coming onto their ancestral lands.


Kid’s Radio: Christmas 2012

Kid’s Radio – Christmas 2012

Host Randy Wilson brings you the Christmas 2012 edition of WMMT’s very own wholly original, long-running, kid-focused radio program.

Kids Radio: Halloween!

Kids Radio 10.25.12: Halloween

In a special Halloween edition of Kids Radio, host Randy Wilson brings you Halloween stories and songs from students all around Knott County, with some of these stories traditional and passed down through the family, and others entirely (and delightfully) kid-created.

Kids’ Radio: Knott County Schools

Kids’ Radio 10.14.12: Knott County Schools

In this edition of Kids’ Radio, host Randy Wilson returns to the classroom in Knott County, leading 1st – 5th graders through song and story in both learning about instruments and on a historic tour of the exploration and great migration to the West.