Remembering Willard Hall

(l-r) "Big" Willard Hall, Angie Hall, & "Little" Willard Hall at a Bluegrass Express Live! concert

WMMT is grieving with the loss of a dear friend.  “Big” Willard Hall was a legendary figure on the radio, spending over 25 years as the volunteer host of the Scuttlehole Gap Get-Together bluegrass program on WMMT.  Every week, across Appalachia and around the world (since the internet stream began), Willard’s warm personality shone bright and clear over the radio through his voice–you could listen to Willard for half an hour on a Tuesday morning and feel like you’d known him your whole life.

Willard also spent countless hours going above-and-beyond for WMMT, including his work as the longtime host and emcee of the Bluegrass Express Live! on-air bluegrass concert programs.  His passion for bluegrass music was second-to-none, and he was a fixture in the mountain bluegrass scene.

But more than anything he did for WMMT, Willard was–and will always be–a part of this radio station.  He’s sewn into the fabric of this place.  And he was a treasured friend to all of us.  No matter who you were, whether Willard even knew you or not, you’d get a wave and a smile.  It’s almost impossible to imagine this station without him, and we miss him dearly.  Please keep the whole Hall family in your hearts and prayers.

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  • Thomas Cooke

    So sorry to hear of Big. We listen on the internet from Lubec, Maine and referred to Big as “Uncle Willie” and looked forward to hearing him on the radio. Our prayers and deepest sympathy to all the whole family at WMMT. But fear not, we will see him again.
    “Let us cross over the River and rest under the shade of the trees”
    -General Stonewall Jackson-

  • Matthew Mahan

    Sad to hear the passing of Willard. I used to listen to his program, the Scuttle Hole Gap Get-Together, in the 90s while I pastored in the area for a short time.

    I remember Willard Well.

    My condolences to the family.

    Matt Mahan

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