Mountain Talk Audio: East Kentucky’s Economic Future

Amelia Kirby and Carl Shoupe in the WMMT studio

2013-04-10 – Mountain Talk – Appalachia’s Bright Future

Give a listen to the April 10th edition of WMMT’s Mountain Talk for a discussion on east Kentucky’s economic future.  As more and more reports show a sharp decline in Appalachian coal production, host Mimi Pickering brings special guests on-air for a critical discussion centered on the question ‘What comes next?’  Pickering speaks with local leaders Carl Shoupe, Amelia Kirby and Tim Belcher about their work to create new opportunities in our area, as well as special guest Noah Enelow from the Pacific Northwest who offers insight on what we can learn from other regions that have undergone an economic transition.

The guests on this show will all be featured presenters at Appalachia’s Bright Future, an upcoming three-day conference in Harlan, April 19-21.  The gathering will bring together a diverse group of leaders and citizens working to build a new economy here in the mountains.

Also, check out this piece by Hazard, Ky.-based TV station WYMT that spotlighted this broadcast!  They filmed the program as it happened and pull short clips from the discussion for their piece.

To stream the program audio, click play above.  To download it, right click the title of the audio and select “save link as…”.  For more installments of WMMT’s Mountain Talk, check out our streaming archive.

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