Check out WMMT’s brand-new Community Calendar!

Get a crowd like this'n (photo taken at Seedtime on the Cumberland)! Submit your event to our calendar! It's free!

WMMT is excited to announce that we have a brand-new online community calendar, which will make it easier to get the words out about your events!  Before, we took event submissions from all sorts of places ([email protected]; our facebook page; slid under the office door; written in Esperanto in the sky over Whitesburg by hired planes; etc.), and as a result it was easy for things to get lost in the Shuffle.

Now, however, thanks to the wonders of the Internet (though we still say it’s not going to catch on), you can submit events yourself using our online form (click here to try it!).  Just fill in your information, click submit, and once we approve it your event will automatically go up on this nifty calendar!  The permanent calendar link can be found by hovering over “community” at the top of the page and clicking on “WMMT’s Community Calendar.”  We will also print a text version (with blurbs included) of this calendar and leave it in the studio for our DJs to read every week, and we will continue to record as many PSAs as we can from these submitted events.  And as always, all of these services are totally free, a community service of your very own Mountain Community Radio station.

So give it a try!  Instead of sending us a press release, use our submission form, and get your event online and announced in the studio!

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