Mountain News Report: Laid Off and Looking for Answers

Since January, thousands of coal miners have been laid off in Central Appalachia.  We’ve heard a lot of opinions about the causes of this decline and what the future holds – from industry leaders, elected officials and even the presidential candidates.  But what do those who mined the coal have to say?  From Appalshop & WMMT’s Making Connections project, listen to an interview with Letcher County underground miner Gary Bentley (pictured at right), who lost his job with Arch Coal in June.  WMMT’s Mimi Pickering and Sylvia Ryerson sat down with Gary just hours before he left home for a new mining job in western Kentucky.

This interview originally aired on WMMT’s Mountain News & World Report, our bi-weekly newsmagazine program on life here in Central Appalachia.  To hear the whole program, click here.

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