When you support WMMT, you keep traditional music alive in the mountains.

Rich & The Po' Folk performing live on WMMT's From The Roots

We here at Mountain Community Radio are in the second-to-last day of our Fall Fund Drive, and to the hundreds of you who have already pledged your support to this incredible, improbable, incomparable radio station: thank you so very, very much! We couldn’t have done it without you for the last 27 years, and we wouldn’t have wanted to.  We are getting so close to our goal – we are at $24,000 of our goal of $30,000 raised to support Mountain Community Radio.  If you haven’t yet contributed to WMMT, then you can still help us get there!

You can call toll-free at 888-396-1208 to pledge your support, or you can contribute securely online.  We are non-commercial and volunteer-powered radio, but we still have expenses we have to meet to keep all of your neighbors on the air.  Even five or ten bucks from a bunch of you folks out there who can spare it goes a long, long way.  And then, when you listen to WMMT, you can realize that YOU are why we’re on the air–YOU helped make it possible!

And when you pledge your support to Mountain Community Radio, among many other awesome things, you keep traditional Appalachian music alive and thriving.  WMMT is truly a hub for traditional music right here in the mountains.  Our volunteer programmers bring an incredible knowledge of this music to the airwaves each week–simply listening to Rich Kirby on Deep In Tradition (Tuesdays at 1 p.m.) or Roy Tackett (a/k/a The Blue Warbler) on The Possum Opry (Mondays at 10 a.m.) could well get you college credit somewhere; Zelma Forbes (a/k/a Sweet Tater) has been building a following for her relatively new but fantastic traditional program, Sweet Tater’s Tubers (Wednesdays at 1); a rotating cast of local volunteers brings you three hours of traditional music every Saturday on WMMT mainstay From The Roots (Saturdays at 11). And these programmers play a slew of traditional musicians from right here in these hills, including Letcher County’s only active old-time string band, Rich & the Po’ Folk.

WMMT also helps in large part to put on the Seedtime on the Cumberland festival each June that brings folks from across the region and around the country right here to Whitesburg to celebrate traditional Appalachian music, art, and culture.

from the 2011 Pick & Bow Christmas Concert

And finally, WMMT staff is heavily involved with the Passing the Pick & Bow after-school program that places fiddles, banjos, mandolins and guitars in the hands of nearly 100 students each year. In a direct reflection of our mission to promote and preserve traditional Appalachian music, students receive after-school instruction throughout the semester in traditional mountain music and techniques.

So when you support WMMT, you support the preservation of our traditional Appalachian music, but not the sort of preservation that says “look how nice that was” and places it behind a glass case to be solemnly admired from afar. Thanks to WMMT’s multidimensional commitment to our traditional music, it remains a living, breathing, and kicking tradition here in these hills–we hear it on our airwaves, we learn about it from our DJs, we play it ourselves, and we pass it to a new generation. Thank YOU for helping to make this possible.

We’re so close to our goal–help us get there!

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