Mountain News & World Report: Community Foundations; Herbal Healing in the Mountains; the Moonshine Capital of America

Gerry Roll, Executive Director of the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky

MN WR 9-27-12

Poor health, low income, lack of infrastructure, unemployment—our Appalachian communities often face a long list of issues that sometimes seem to defy solution.  One organization in eastern Kentucky, however, the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky, believes we’re looking at all this backwards, and that instead of looking at what’s wrong, we should begin by looking at what we’d like to make right.  We begin this edition of Mountain News & World Report with a report from producer Rich Kirby on efforts to expand the reach of community foundations throughout the coalfields of southeast Kentucky.

Also in this program, we’ll hear about a legendary herbal healer from Wise County through excerpts from the Appalshop film Nature’s Way, and finally, we close with a story about the colorful history of the area that’s been called the “Moonshine Capital of America.”

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