When you support WMMT, you support your neighbors’ right to rock.

From Electric Bill to Ben Gish, from The Engine Room to The Dog House, from The Atomic Fireball Hour to The Rock Show, from The Junkyard to Killer Radio, and from Piece of the Rock to Indie Jones and the Temple of BOOM!, and not even to mention Radioactive Rahj, or Wiley Q., WMMT boasts as diverse an offering of rock and roll music as you fill find anywhere, and all on the same dial. Sure, plenty of commercial stations play “rock music,” but how rock-and-roll is it really to pipe in a playlist handed down from above?

Our DJs, which also happen to be our neighbors, play want they want to play, and as a result we hope you don’t think we’re getting uppity when we say that we have some of the best rock radio shows around. WMMT DJs have interviewed the likes of Les Claypool and Judas Priest live on-air; they have encyclopedic knowledge of any kind of rock you could think of, from metal to indie to punk to garage rock to hair-metal to Americana to power violence and back again; they have the freedom to create the kind of rock shows they would actually want to listen to.

And we don’t just play rock music over the radio–WMMT has recently begun a brand-new concert series, WMMT Rocks Live!, that brings local rock bands to the Appalshop stage for a live performance that we tape for the radio. Our series debut took place this past September 20, where local alt-rockers Wayne Graham (pictured above) put on an awesome show, which aired that Sunday evening on the Rock Show with Greg. Hear the performance for yourself right here:

WMMT Rocks Live – Wayne Graham – 9-20-12

For whatever your rock taste, we’ve got a show for you, done live (and sometimes by local live bands!) and by real human people. When you support WMMT, you support the right to hear the music you want to hear on the radio, not a playlist that someone in an office somewhere thinks would maximize potential commercial revenue. Keep WMMT alive and rockin’–pledge your support to your favorite programmer at 888-396-1208 or online.

2 comments to When you support WMMT, you support your neighbors’ right to rock.

  • stewart

    Hey guy’s just wanted to say I really enjoy the bluegrass and traditional portion of your radio program. Was wondering if you were planning to extend the deep in tradition program. thanks keep up the good work .Stewart.

    • wmmt

      Hi, Stewart– thanks so much for getting in touch! And if you’re asking if Deep in Tradition will remain on the air, the answer is absolutely and always! It’s one of our longest-tenured programs on the air and a WMMT tradition. Thanks for listening!

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