WMMT’s Spring Fund Drive Begins Tuesday!

To pledge, you can call, toll-free: 888-396-1208, or you can donate online by clicking that green “DONATE” button to your right.

Wiley's got his pledge-answering pants on

Q. So I’ve heard that WMMT has a fund drive coming up. What’s all that about?  Didn’t you do this six months ago?  Why should I support Community Radio?  What’s in it for me?  - Possum Spiro Agnew, KY

A. Hi, Possum Spiro! We’re having fun picturing what you must look like.  And thanks for asking! As your very own community-powered, non-commercial, volunteer-driven, listener-supported radio station, WMMT 88.7 does some pretty cool things, if we do say so ourselves–we bring you 24 hours per day of music that our programmers choose (not what we tell them to play) and public affairs programming on life right here in these mountains of ours, the vast majority of which we create ourselves about issues that you have told us are important to you.  If you tune in on any given Monday, for example, you may hear old-time Appalachian music, bluegrass, local rock-and-roll, poetry read on-air by your neighbors, a call-in medical show where Dr. Van Breeding answers your health questions, messages left by far-flung loved ones for those incarcerated in our mountains, or world music.  And all within 24 hours.  There’s something for everyone at WMMT, and we’d wager that very little of it could you find on any other station, much less all in the same place.

We don’t beat you over the head with commercials, jingles, people yelling at you to buy things, or vague threats that the world might end if you don’t sign up for a lifetime subscription to Ferret Fancy, or anything like that. We air music your neighbors choose, across most any genre you could think of, and locally relevant programming. And we’ve got no plans to stop.

The catch is that there’s a reason you don’t hear commercial radio stations that sound like us; heck, there’s a reason you don’t hear other public stations that sound like us either! WMMT is truly one of the most unique radio stations on the planet, and that’s because WMMT is powered by all of you, whether you listen here in the coalfields on the radio or from anywhere around the world through our 24-hour online stream.

But, as it will no doubt shock you to learn, this you-powered business model doesn’t exactly have multimillion dollar corporations beating savagely on the front door with wheelbarrows full of money.  We believe in this thing and we love this thing, but in order to keep it going, we all need to band together to help.  Twice per year, we ask that you give whatever you can to keep this uniquely Appalachian radio station on the air, to affirm:

-that you’d rather hear your neighbors on the radio than a playlist sent in from far away;

-that you enjoy hearing about issues of interest to us right here in the coalfields;

-that you value a station working actively to preserve and promote our uniquely-Central Appalachian culture;

-and finally, that you appreciate that these mountains have a radio voice as diverse and distinct as each and every one of you that listens and keeps it alive. 

Our Spring Fund Drive starts tomorrow, April 9, and runs until next Thursday, April 18.  We’re trying to raise $33,000 for community radio; with that, we think we’ll be in good shape.  It sounds like a lot–and it is–but we think we can hit it, with your help.  As always, we don’t ask that you “Give ’til it hurts” or that you do anything you can’t afford.  Big, little, or in the middle, on the air or online, it all adds up–all we ask is that if you value what WMMT brings to you each and every day, then Give ‘Til it Feels Good.  Support your favorite show, your favorite DJ, your favorite kind of music, your favorite Wiley, or simply your favorite community radio station.

It is genuinely staggering what we can accomplish when we all band together, and each fund drive we are humbled by the incredible generosity and selflessness of mountain people and those from afar with the mountains in their hearts.  We’re honored to be here with you, and fund drives are a celebration of this incredible thing that we’ve all made together over the last 27 years, a regular reunion with all of you amazing and inspiring people who are a part of the local, regional, national, and global WMMT family.

We couldn’t do this thing without you, and we wouldn’t want to.  Thanks for your support, thanks for listening, and see you on the radio!

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